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OpenText Email Filing for eDOCS by Formpipe

By  Formpipe Software AB

Email Filing for eDOCS by Formpipe extends the power and capability of eDOCS by providing users with easy and efficient methods to save email into the eDOCS repository.

Email filing allows users both manual and automated ways to quickly and easily save email into eDOCS. Users can then perform a single powerful search in eDOCS for relevant information saved in email, word, or any other application data saved into the eDOCS repository. Users can purge email from Exchange/Outlook once it is saved to eDOCS thus making Exchange more efficient and better performing. Email filing allows eDOCS users to be more productive and efficient by saving time and effort when saving and finding valuable information.

Product Highlights
• Auto folder filing - automates saving of email based on existing user folder structure and business practice
• Suggestive quick filing - helps users quickly decide the correct metadata to use when filing email into eDOCS
• Marking of filed email - emails saved into eDOCS are marked so users know what has been filed and with what       metadata
• Auto Thread and Subject Filing – helps to ensure all relevant email gets filed, saving users time and effort
• Auto Deletion Tools – easily deleting all saved email out of Exchange to provide better Exchange performance
• Mobile device filing – helps filing email from any mobile device

Value Proposition
• Improves content organization - provides automated and easy to use functionality for saving email into eDOCS
• Increase data management efficiency and user productivity - once email is in eDOCS, users can do a single search for both documents and email, saving time and effort
• Increase compliance - eliminate risk regarding discovery requests for email related to law suits or DSAR obligations

Formpipe Software AB

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