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In Time Tec, LLC

In Time Tec has operated in Idaho for the past eight years. With over 350 employees globally, we are committed to being the best at harnessing a culture of execution and delivering immediate ROI to clients by offering affordable, long-term software services. Headquartered in Meridian, ID, In Time Tec works with clients around the world to provide progressive software development through a blended onshore/offshore model. Our expertise includes a wide range of software development technologies including: specialization in printer firmware, printing solutions, and workflow automation. Access to a diverse talent pool allows us to respond effectively to the market and current customer needs. Our blended development model provides customers with 24-hour development cycles, affordability, and team scalability. We partner closely with our customers to learn, adapt and ensure we are solving their unique pain points. In addition to providing long-term software development services, In Time Tec has also built a fleet visualization product targeting assessment, design, and ongoing operations of MPS fleets called Cartos.


Region Global
Product Focus ECM - Documentum Platform
Type of Partnership Technology
Industry Focus Computer Software;Professional Services

Products and Services Overview

Cartos ( - A cloud-based fleet optimization and visualization platform for MPS providers who want to easily discover, design, maintain, and optimize a print fleet from one place. Scan for SmartVault - A scanning application built on the new HP Link SDK that connects to the SmartVault content management system.

Corporate Address

580 E. Corporate Drive