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Taulia, Inc.

Are you ready to join the cash flow revolution? Taulia delivers working capital solutions that make it easy for businesses to free up cash, accelerate payments, and improve supply chain health. Since founding in 2009, we’ve envisioned a world where every business thrives by liberating cash. Today, our game-changing technology powers a network connecting 1.5 million businesses across 168 countries and has accelerated more than $80 billion in early payments. Using our AI powered platform, businesses now have the option to choose when and how to pay and get paid. It sounds simple, but our painless process provides both buyers and suppliers the chance to rocket their cash - cash to fuel economic growth all over the world. It’s win-win for everybody.


Region Global
Product Focus ECO - SAP - Invoice Management
Type of Partnership Technology
Industry Focus Automotive;Insurance;Manufacturing;Retail;Telecommunications;Consumer Packaged Goods;Energy;Healthcare;Public Sector

Products and Services Overview

The Taulia Business Exchange is the intersection of Working Capital Management and Supply Chain efficiency. Solutions include Supply Chain Finance, Dynamic Discounting, Flexible Funding, eInvoicing and Supplier Management.

Corporate Address

250 Montgomery St.
San Francisco

(415) 376-8280