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SkyMakers provides boutique solutions and services on supporting companies to energize their customer base, improve customer satisfaction and optimize customer value to increase revenue, reduce costs and ultimately boost profitability. It specializes in supporting organizations to build trusted, lasting and fruitful relationships with their customers with the help of optimized, fully individualized customer interactions and digital communications.


Region Southern Europe
Product focus CEM - TeleForm;CEM - LiquidOffice
Type of partnership Reseller
Industry focus Financial Services;Insurance;Retail;Telecommunications;Education;Computer Software;Healthcare;Professional Services;Public Sector
Partner level Registered

Products and Services Overview

Cheque processing and clearing: Vertical solution to process and clear cheques for the financial sector. The solution frees financial organizations from the tedious and error-prone manual data entering and manual routing of cheques. Katalyst Capture Evaluator quickly processes and evaluates paper-based questionnaires and surveys. It can scan, evaluate and score each questionnaire by using simple or complex rules. Additionally, it electronically stores all of the results and scanned images of the questionnaires. Katalyst Capture Evaluator is ideal for institutions and companies looking to reduce the cost and burden of manually collecting and processing questionnaires.

Corporate Address

Pindou Str. 53
570 09