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Altec Product Inc

Build Strong Foundations Your markets are continually evolving. We help you build a strong foundation that allows for flexibility and adaptation to the ever-shifting landscape of your industry and business so that you can come out on top. Exceed Business Needs Our capabilities span various products necessary to your daily operations. Our modular, scalable software – DocLink –can uncover where the inefficiencies in your processes are and solve them. Seamless Integrations We focus on thorough integrations with market-leading solutions from companies such as Epicor, Microsoft, Sage, and SAP. DocLink lives where you live and works where you need it. We bring paperless solutions to you with the technology that exists in your environment. Our trained and experienced team provides 24/7 support and customer service to meet all your needs. It’s not just about getting the solution into your hands; it’s about getting you through it every step of the way and being the link to success for years to come.


Region US
Product Focus BN - F&DD - RightFax
Type of Partnership Technology
Industry Focus Financial Services;Insurance;Legal;Manufacturing;Telecommunications;Computer Software;Utilities;Distribution & Transportation;Healthcare

Products and Services Overview

Go paperless at your company, and reap productivity and efficiency rewards with DocLink. Our partnerships with ERP software providers allow for tight integration and ease of use for your entire team. Document Management Track and access documents wherever they are. Manage their data better with an effective and holistic management solution that works with you every step of the way. Workflow and Document Processing Control your information throughout the entire daily document lifecycle. Manage approvals and configure workflow processes based on your specific needs. Document Capture Capture documents internally and externally from a variety of sources and through various methods including email, fax, scan, OCR, ERM, XML, barcode, and mobile. Automated Delivery Schedule and automatically distribute documents with supporting documentation based on receiver preferences such as via email, fax, FTP, or print. Mobile Access Allow your team to securely access, approve, and capture documents instantly on their mobile devices. Searching for documents on a phone or tablet can be easy and immediate. Smart Forms Personalize DocLink to fit your unique processes and needs with Smart Forms, sophisticated configurable windows you build and configure to streamline creation and indexing of documents and business processes.

Corporate Address

23422 Mill Creek Dr Ste 225
Laguna Hills

(800) 997-9921