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DocuSign, Inc.

ARX CoSign® is the leading provider of standard digital signature solutions for corporate enterprises and government agencies worldwide. CoSign by ARX has also achieved dominant market share in regulated and security-minded industries including: government, pharmaceuticals, life sciences, food, healthcare, engineering, construction, energy, oil & gas, ultilities, process & product manufacturing. CoSign digital signature solutions help streamline and scale business processes with the proper controls and information integrity as required by vertical-industry regulations, governments, and audinting best practices. Learn more at:


Region Global
Product focus CEM - Portal;ECM - Content Lifecycle Management;BPM - BPMSuite - MBPM;CEM - Semantic Navigation;CEM - Customer Communications Management;BPM - BPMSuite - Process360;CEM - Digital Asset Management;CEM - Mobility;CEM - Social Media;CEM - WCM - Web Experience Management;CEM - WCM - Web Site Management;ECM - eMail Solutions;ECM - Enterprise Archive;ECM - Learning Management;ECM - Mobile Solutions;ECM - Capture & Recognition;BPM - Smart Process Applications;ECO - SAP - Document Access;ECO - SAP - Employee File Management;ECO - SAP - Extended ECM;ECO - SAP - Invoice Management;ECO - SAP - Travel Receipts Management;SALT - eDocs
Type of partnership Third Party;SolEx
Industry focus Financial Services;Insurance;Legal;Manufacturing;Telecommunications;Education;Aerospace & Defense;Utilities;Distribution & Transportation;Energy;Engineering & Construction;Healthcare;Public Sector

Products and Services Overview

CoSign® by ARX is the leading standard digital signature solution among enterprises and government agencies worldwide. Available as a server-or cloud-based solution, CoSign enables users to digitally sign their documents anywhere anytime using any device. The system's flexibility ensures that our customers maintain complete control over their IT and business environments. The scalable digital signature engine can be seamlessly integrated into any document-related workflow, application or service, and used with all major content-authoring applications/file types including PDF, Word, Excel. CoSign is the only digital signature solution that fully complies with strict industry and country regulations, technical standards and cross-industry business requirements. Learn more at: and

Corporate Address

221 Main St Ste 1000
San Francisco