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DraftWise, Inc.

DraftWise helps transactional attorneys use their firm's best language to draft and negotiate complex agreements. By combining an interface embedded in Microsoft Word with a DMS integration and AI-driven document processing, DraftWise gives lawyers the tools they need to find, understand, and incorporate the best language for their draft when they need it.


Region Global
Product focus SALT - eDocs
Type of partnership Technology
Industry focus Legal
Partner level Registered

Products and Services Overview

The key benefits of DraftWise include: a) Lawyers can search and compare clauses from deal precedents in seconds using DraftWise's intelligent search and red-lining, without ever needing to leave their working draft in Microsoft Word. b) Lawyers can identify problems in their draft including unused or missing defined terms. c) DraftWise's flexible knowledge management layer enables deal teams or entire practices to share important precedents and client-specific clause language.

Corporate Address

455 Franklin D. Roosevelt East River Drive, Ste B1706
New York

+1 301 326 6681