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Akquinet Polska Sp. z.o.o

We provide integrated IT tools based on the best  solutions like OpenText and SAP in its class.  We provide support and assistance of our specialists at every stage of the project and after its completion.           

We understand that work efficiency translates into business development, which is why we implement intuitive tools that are tailored to the individual business needs of our clients.


Region Central & Eastern Europe
Product focus ECM - Content Lifecycle Management;ECM - eMail Solutions;ECM - Enterprise Archive;ECM - Learning Management;ECM - Mobile Solutions;ECM - Captiva;ECM - ApplicationXtender (AX);ECM - Capture & Recognition;ECM - InfoArchive;ECM - LEAP;ECM - Clinical Archiving;ECM - Documentum Platform;ECM - ECD Value Office Solution: Healthcare;ECM - Document Sciences;ECM - ECD Value Office Solution: Energy & Engineering;ECM - ECD Value Office Solution: Lifesciences;ECM - Kazeon;ECO - SAP - Archiving;ECO - SAP - Digital Asset Management;ECO - SAP - Document Access;ECO - SAP - Document Presentment;ECO - SAP - Employee File Management;ECO - SAP - Extended ECM;ECO - SAP - Invoice Capture Center;ECO - SAP - Invoice Management;ECO - SAP - Travel Receipts Management;ECM - PIXEL;ECO - MS - Email Archiving for MS Exchange;ECO - MS - Email Monitoring for MS Exchange;ECO - MS - Ent Library Web Parts MS SharePt;ECO - MS - AGA for MS SharePoint;ECO - MS - Capture for MS SharePoint;SALT - Guidance - Enterprise;ECO - MS - Email Mgmt for MS Exchange;ECO - MS - Enterprise Connect;ECO - MS - File System Archiving;ECO - SAP - Portal Content/Site Managemt
Type of partnership Reseller;Support
Industry focus Automotive;Manufacturing;Telecommunications;Consumer Packaged Goods;Aerospace & Defense;Utilities;Distribution & Transportation;Energy;Public Sector
Partner level Silver

Products and Services Overview

We implement projects related to the digital transformation of documents and support processes related to their processing. Thanks to this, our clients' businesses achieve a new level of security, efficiency and comfort of working with documents. This allows you to better manage the working time of individual people and reduces the risk of errors in the processing of documentation. 

We help our clients create a better way to work and connect the world of digital content and business applications using OpenText tools such as Extended Enterprise Content Management and Vendor Invoice Management.

Corporate Address

Tęczowa 3