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FileFacets Corporation

FileFacets automates the identification and processing of content using Machine Learning and AI to identify the Document Type of each file across unstructured document repositories, including: laptops, file shares, e-mail, Enterprise Content Management systems and cloud repositories.  Knowing what the content is enables customers to identify secret, sensitive and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and report in real-time what is resident in each repository. 

The first of its kind, FileFacets’ cloud-based Feature Matrix means any organization can now afford to deploy advanced autoclassification technology for a host of use cases for better data privacy and Information Governance. Tag documents with metadata to apply security classification, retention schedules, etc to automate all information governance and data protection policies and processes.  


Region Canada;US
Product Focus ECM - Content Lifecycle Management;SALT - eDocs
Type of Partnership Technology
Industry Focus Computer Software;Professional Services

Products and Services Overview

Discovery-as-a-Service: FileFacets helps you better understand the risk that you and your organization are managing at a glance. You will have the information to manage risk and modify policies and procedures to reduce risk in the future. This allows you to ensure that you know where sensitive information is located in the event of a breach    DSAR-as-a-Service: FileFacets’ file analytics platform makes it easy for any business to locate and process unstructured content from ALL sources across the enterprise to satisfy DSAR requests. 

Corporate Address

20 Cope Dr
K2M 2V8

(613) 599-7433 x 230