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Spatial Knowledge Engineering Inc

Large organizations are increasingly challenged to manage, access, and “make sense of” their information resources to support their policy and operational decisions; and, to report on the effectiveness of those decisions and programs. Spatial Knowledge Engineering Inc. (“SKE”) is a unique GIS/IT company that has developed, and operates a proven, hosted, very profitable information publishing and access solution called “SC2-GeoPortal” that includes the infrastructure, the applications, the talent, and long-term provincial (Ontario) and Federal government clients and contracts.


Region Canada
Product Focus ECM - Content Lifecycle Management;SALT - eDocs
Type of Partnership Technology
Industry Focus Public Sector

Products and Services Overview

SC2-GeoPortal offers users the ability to leverage Google Maps and other spatial data, add custom workflow applications and components, integrate their existing business data (tabular and documents), and have it all hosted in SKE’s secure computing environment. This enables better information management, access, visualization, and understanding, leading to improved decision making.

Corporate Address

40 Linelle St
M2N 2J3

(416) 221-4363