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OpenText Security 16

Deep endpoint visibility for earlier detection of threats, accelerated validation and triage and forensic-grade incident response, including complete remediation.

OpenText EnCase Endpoint Security and OpenText EnCase Advanced Detection (add-on to EnCase Endpoint Security) together provide a complete solution for earlier threat detection and faster response. The solution provides comprehensive malware detection, active breach detection and endpoint anomaly detection scaling to some of the largest networks in the world. It is a best-of-breed enterprise security solution that empowers organizations to find and eliminate the most advanced forms of attack at the endpoint, whether from external actors or internal threats.

OpenText EnCase Hardware, a digital forensic hardware solution, sets the standard for next-generation Forensic Imaging. The new Tableau Forensic Imager (TX1) 2.0 solves the evolving challenges of forensic data acquisition, while improving performance and usability.

What is new in Security EP5?

  • EnCase Endpoint Security 6.05

    The new release of EnCase Endpoint Security provides continuous anomaly detection through an all-new enhanced agent. It includes near real-time visibility across the entire network as well as Identification and Response in less than 15 minutes. Additionally, it includes extended coverage for a wide range of malware families. The new release further improves productivity and usability through streamlined workflows and an expanded capability to capture endpoint telemetry.

  • EnCase Advanced Detection

    Encase Advanced Detection is an add-on that augments the forensic detection and response capabilities of EnCase Endpoint Security with best-of-breed malware and threat detection. It is an agentless, cloud-based, multi-disciplined threat detection tool that delivers active breach detection techniques, machine learning, orchestration and automation.

  • Tableau Forensic Imager (TX1) 2.0

    New Logical Imaging feature is now available for the Tableau Forensic Imager (TX1) 2.0. This release also includes two key differentiators, detection of source and destination drives with whole disk encryption, and detection of Apple Fusion drives on Apple Macs.

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