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OpenText Experience 16

A unique platform for AI and data-driven creation, personalization and delivery of omnichannel experiences at scale

Watch and learn how OpenText helps organizations transform their Customer Experience.

Superior customer experience is way to increase the value of your organization to your customers. Leading organizations are using omnichannel strategies to tell the story of their brand through personalized and compelling experiences that maximize value for customers, stakeholders and shareholders. OpenText Experience 16 empowers marketing and business users with tools to create and deliver personalized customer experiences, across the entire journey, while improving operational efficiency with integrated and collaborative user applications.

What is new in Experience 16 EP7?

OpenText Exstream

  • Easily manage customer communications through integration with
  • Use design and authoring tools for a seamless user experience and to generate mobile-first communications.
  • Eliminate siloed CCM solutions through deep integration with SAP and Salesforce.

OpenText TeamSite

  • Easily deliver personalized experiences on any device, via an intuitive, on-the-glass authoring UX with the industry’s leading headless, decoupled architecture.
  • Leverage AI and machine learning built into the workflow.

OpenText Media Management

  • Manage the full lifecycle of digital assets, from concept to final production and delivery, while keeping team members connected, including agencies and independent content creators.
  • Connect assets to your entire Salesforce and SAP ecosystem for improved collaboration at a global scale.
  • Leverage easily extended smart tagging services from cognitive AI provider.

OpenText LiquidOffice

  • Collect and efficiently process customer data from any type of form, from any customer touchpoint.
  • Use a single approach for processing customer requests and customer data for any touchpoint—paper-based or digital—across the customer journey.
  • Process user-defined web forms in OpenText TeamSite and fillable PDFs generated from Exstream.

OpenText Explore

  • Gain a deeper understanding of customer experience by collecting, analyzing and visualizing the Voice of the Customer across all communication channels, at scale.

OpenText Core Experience Insights

  • Better understand your customers by capturing and visualizing interactions for every event, across all customer touchpoints, from any channel, device or application using AI-driven capabilities.

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