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OpenText Discovery Suite 16

A suite of legal technology solutions including end-to-end eDiscovery, contract analysis, knowledge management and legal process optimization powered by industry-leading analytics and machine learning.

OpenText Discovery 16 provides gold-standard legal technology for eDiscovery, forensic data collection, contract analysis, legal knowledge management and legal process management. Powerful machine learning and unstructured data analytics enable legal teams to manage, search, analyze and produce critical information for litigation discovery, investigations, compliance, data breach response, business projects and financial contract analysis.

OpenText EnCase is a trusted and judicially recognized solution for collecting digital evidence from networks, endpoints and mobile devices. OpenText Axcelerate powers fast fact-finding and hyper-efficient document review with concept search, communications mapping, phrase analysis, auto-redaction and continuous machine learning. With OpenText Perceptiv, organizations can conquer complex financial derivative contracts and more with capture, organization and analysis capabilities. OpenText Decisiv, OpenText eDOCS, and Legal Center all contribute to wholistic legal knowledge management, access and process optimization. Whether organizations are seeking forensically sound data collection, end-to-end eDiscovery software and services, in-depth contract analysis or federated search, OpenText Discovery Suite will help them discover what matters.

What is new in Discovery EP5?

  • Review in Context

    View document families, near-duplicates, and email threads in one simple interface to better understand eDiscovery documents and streamline legal review.

  • Lightweight OpenText Brava! Reader

    Expedite eDiscovery review with faster conversion, lower storage and memory requirements, and 10x speed boost on larger files.

  • Predictive Research for Decisiv

    Find more useful documents across enterprise data stores with supervised machine learning, trained automatically by user decisions.

  • Contract Analysis enhancements

    Extract and analyze data from more contract types, including leases, Investment Management Agreements (IMAs) and Account Control Agreements (ACAs), and leverage enhanced self-service for database management.

  • Legal Center

    Combine the power of workflow and process management with legal-focused EIM for a cloud-based, process-centric approach to legal use cases, such as client onboarding, collaboration and external sharing, and document management.

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