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OpenText Business Network Cloud 16

Accelerate time to revenue and improve customer experiences with efficient, secure and compliant collaboration across digital business ecosystems to connect people, systems and things.

How APIs can support a hybrid integration strategy

OpenText Business Network is a cloud platform that facilitates efficient, secure and compliant collaboration across digital ecosystems of people, systems and things. Business Network provides the necessary digital exchange foundation, process orchestration and business insights to optimize processes across an extended ecosystem, including supply chain, corporate-to-bank connectivity, order management, payments, customer notifications and more. The platform is comprised of multiple solutions that simplify the inherent complexities of business to business (B2B) data exchange and offer insights that drive operational efficiencies, speed time to revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

What is new in Business Network Cloud 16.10?

  • Richer transaction insights

    OpenText Trading Grid Analytics is enhanced with even more predictive metrics, now including at-risk trading partner KPIs. It features improved usability with new dial metrics, quick-view metrics, a configurable dashboard and flexible filters. Also new to Trading Grid Analytics is a long-term transaction volume and trading partner trends dashboard for greater business insight.

  • API-driven flexibility and programmability

    OpenText Trading Grid is even more flexible than ever with a library of APIs to expose and consume realtime services in Business Network. Trading Grid now features a developer portal to define ecosystem relationships, create micro-services and leverage the OpenText AppWorks platform to build custom solutions on Business Network.

  • Reach more trading partners

    The new Core for Trading Grid delivers improved trading partner collaboration by enabling basic file exchange via a simple, intuitive folder-based application. File sharing increases visibility and improves auditing with a single source of information, while easing digital adoption by trading partners with a familiar, non-technical process and desktop sync capability. OpenText Trading Grid Messaging Service now simplifies and expands connectivity to trading partners even further by outsourcing SFTP direct connections, in addition to AS2. Also, OpenText Intelligent Web Forms saves time and minimizes order entry errors with realtime look-ups and pre-populated fields from OpenText Active Catalogue.

  • Expanded self-service

    EP5 continues to expand self-service capabilities for customers and their trading partners that wish to self-provision their connections and integrations to Trading Grid and OpenText Active Applications. A new self-validation web portal for OpenText Email2EDI and OpenText Fax2EDI enables users to view, validate and edit documents in the system for improved quality and speed. OpenText Active Community now also enables customers to set up and manage partner group tasks without engaging Professional Services.

  • Intelligent process orchestration

    New configurable priority transaction processing in Trading Grid ensures mission critical and time sensitive documents, such as ASNs, are prioritized to enable customers to meet SLA commitments to their partners. SLA alerts are also available for transaction activity or inactivity.

  • Integrated fax capture, archive, SMS

    OpenText RightFax now delivers enhanced fax analytics capabilities, including channel utilization, new dashboard visualizations and expanded access controls. New modules deliver integrated archiving, SMS notifications and capture. A fully featured web client offers anytime, anywhere access. EP5 also features improved security with secure FoIP channels to encrypt fax traffic with the firewall.

  • Regional invoice compliance

    OpenText Active Invoices with Compliance now supports the latest Italian legislation for electronic invoicing, enabling customers to comply with the January 1, 2019 government deadline.

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