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Citizen Services

Digital transformation to support mission success

With tight budgets, changing demographics, aging legacy systems, and ever-growing demands for transparency, government agencies around the world are looking for efficient ways to go digital and eliminate manual and/or paper-based work. Today, many of the government services that consume time and resources rely on a lot of information from diverse sources as well as knowledge-based activities and collaboration among civil servants and even outside experts. Furthermore, every digital transformation initiative must keep compliance front and center.

Citizen Services Benefits

  • Provide better service: Process more requests, complaints or incidents faster and with less resource drain.
  • Increase mission success by promoting self-service and using data to streamline human work.
  • Improve situational awareness: Give management visibility into agency performance.
  • Manage compliance: Consistently apply audit and recordkeeping requirements and maintain statutory turnaround times.
  • Increase transparency: Make progress visible to citizens and executive management alike.

OpenText: More Engaging, Smarter and Easier Citizen Services

OpenText Citizen Services solutions empower citizens to access the services they need over the web and through their smartphones. Citizens get tasks done faster and more easily, while government agencies give citizens the transparency they want while increasing throughput, saving money and more efficiently managing compliance.

OpenText provides a number of Citizen Services, including:

Citizen Complaints

Empower citizens to file complaints quickly and easily and anonymously, over the web or through mobile apps. Collect all relevant information, even scanned paper documents, and assign complaints to the right civil servants. Improve employee efficiency with adaptive case handling, quick access to the relevant content and decision support tools, and efficient generation of responses with information redacted if necessary. Improve situational awareness and ensure that every complaint gets tracked to closure.

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Incident Management

Provide citizens with quick, efficient ways to report incidents via websites and mobile devices. Incorporate rich media such as photographs within the incident reporting processes. Improve situational awareness. Manage compliance with recordkeeping requirements.

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Permit Management

Accelerate permit or authorization request evaluations by empowering citizens to initiate requests and submit required documentation digitally and by providing government workers with in-context access to the information and intelligence they need to make approval decisions. Keep track of all of the information used to make each decision and share relevant data with the public.

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Government Transparency Requests

Deliver timely responses to citizen requests for information or justification of government decisions. Enable citizens to submit complete requests. Efficiently search any types of content repositories, pinpointing documents and embedded objects within documents. Collect payments if applicable. Provide workers with in-context access to the content needed to understand decision processes. Automatically redact sensitive information such as social security numbers or dates of birth.

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