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Publishers need to transform editorial processes

Publishers continually face the challenge to do more with less. To stay current, publishers must address rapidly declining print channel revenue and reduce editorial production costs  while effectively driving increased content need and diversity in, digital products, and channels.

Some publishers have to contend with very high volumes of incoming content, for example, picture, video and text wire feeds.  Some have to support tens and even hundreds of print titles, websites, smartphone  sites or apps, and tablet apps.  These volumes and mixes continue to grow and become more complex as the print channel declines in popularity and the digital channels demand more community-focused content.

Currently, editorial technologies are often print dominated: the so-called ‘editorial systems’ with on-page layout and editing. There are often challenges extracting from on-page systems to rework content for digital channels.  Frequently, separate editorial teams focus on the digital channels, editing, creating and publishing in Web CMS and Mobile CMS systems.  How do you then maintain version control and the oversight of what was published where, when and by whom?

OpenText addresses these issues and transforms the editorial process with Content Hub for Publishers (CHP) . Publishers can now meet the industry challenges of declining print revenues, spiralling growth across digital channels and a plethora of new products. Content Hub for Publishers offers peace of mind in a time when increasing amounts of content are being received, managed, created and published.

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