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Removing Conflict Minerals from Global Supply Chains: Webinar On Demand

Companies need to adhere to many regulations in order to be compliant with practices and maintain corporate social responsibility. One regulation enacted in the USA by the US Securities and Exchange Commission in part with the US Department of State on July 2010, was the Dodd-Frank Act.

North American manufacturing industries are being impacted heavily by this act, being required to work with trading partners. In order for these companies to adhere to this law, be compliant and work with their global supply chains to observe to this new regulation, organizations must adopt a community management tool in order to manage the assessment process, helping to also deliver people and process solutions across your supply chain.

Mark Morley, OpenText Industry Expert describes this topic in depth in the webinar replay of Removing Conflict Minerals from Global Supply Chains.

Listen to learn:

  • the minerals that are affected
  • how companies are complying with this regulation
  • what steps your organization can take and what the process looks like
  • how OpenText can improve collaboration across the supply chain

View the Webinar On Demand