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OpenText™ Search Server eDOCS Edition

Increase productivity, enhance knowledge capture and sharing initiatives, and maintain an optimal cost of ownership

Today’s organizations generate and store vast amounts of information. Whether it is documents, e-mails, reports, Web pages, XML, or any other content, organizations capture it and save it in various distributed repositories. But simply possessing information does not automatically generate competitive advantage. Users need to easily and rapidly find the right information they require to succeed. This means that organizations wishing to take full advantage of their knowledge assets require fast and efficient solutions for searching, browsing, and viewing information.

OpenText Search Server, eDOCS Edition (eDOCS Search Server) is one of the fastest and most reliable full-text search engines on the market. Its core technology is designed to support information repositories in any existing language and can be used in any circumstance. Thanks to its open architecture, an eDOCS Search Server application can grow as organizational requirements change. It is scalable to multi-terabyte databases, thousands of users, and it can index information held in corporate databases, files systems, legacy data stores, and any custom repositories.

Easy to learn, use, and maintain, eDOCS Search Server significantly increases productivity for information engineers and developers, enhances knowledge capture and sharing initiatives, and maintains an optimal cost of ownership to any organization.


  • Efficient information retrieval
  • Advanced and flexible search techniques
  • Enhanced viewing capabilities
  • Application development


The following features are some of the key capabilities of eDOCS Search Server:

  • Comprehensive platform supports Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Web applications.
  • Standards-based toolkit enables organizations to easily build search/retrieval applications.
  • Dynamically generates one-page summary containing the most important parts of the text.
  • Supports the XPath query syntax with its advanced full-text search and retrieval features to quickly find and highlight information within the most complex XML document.
  • Widely used by OEM partners to deliver powerful information search and retrieval applications for document and content management, CRM, e-business, knowledge management, and portal solutions.
  • Index and search in any Unicode supported character set and language. Advanced linguistic and search support is available for most European, Asian, Hebrew, and Arabic languages.


Download more information about OpenText Search Server, eDOCS Edition: