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OpenText Guardian for eDOCS by Wertheim

Monitor the use of your eDOCS repository, report on excessive end user activities, and prevent internal security breaches

In today’s digital world, security threats emanate from many directions—both internal and external. While security issues range from malware to various forms of external hacking, research indicates that the most likely source of a security breech is ‘staff’. Employees planning to leave the firm, for example, may attempt to steal client information, research, or other valuable documents. To do this, they typically download, print or email these records to a personal account.

OpenText™ Guardian for eDOCS by Wertheim helps organizations detect and prevent internal security breaches in real-time. It integrates seamlessly with OpenText Document Management, eDOCS Edition (eDOCS DM) to monitor the use of the DM repository, report end-user activities that exceed established thresholds, and enable immediate action to prevent theft.


  • Establish rules/activity thresholds for an entire library, individual users, or specific groups
  • Determine activities to monitor (checkout, export, email, and more)
  • Determine activity threshold ‘not to be exceeded’ for a given date or time range
  • Specify users to receive notification should activity exceeds the established thresholds
  • Receive immediate notification via text or email when:
    • A threshold is exceeded
    • Users are attempting to access secured documents to which they are not granted rights
  • Optionally, ‘lock’ the user from continuing to process the activity until the situation is resolved and the system ‘released’


  • Real-time monitoring of user / group activities against thresholds
  • Management receive immediate notification via text or email when thresholds are exceeded
  • Proactively identify internal security breaches as they are occurring and take immediate action
  • Ability to pinpoint users and lock them out of the system until situation is evaluated/released


Learn more about the Guardian for eDOCS features and benefits.

 OpenText Guardian for eDOCS Product Overview