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OpenText Business Intelligence (Content Reporting)

Transform raw information into meaningful intelligence

The OpenText™ ECM Suite and eDOCS Solution both manage a range of business content. The ability to generate reports on that content is an important tool for both system administration, understanding how the system is being used and how it can be improved, and gaining insights into content-centric business processes. Regulatory pressures in many industries, especially health, pharmaceutical, financial services, manufacturing,and government supply additional incentive for organizations to understand the information they have.

Content reporting solutions equip organizations to capitalize on the vast stores of information — about customers, products, internal processes and projects, and much, much more — that accumulate in the course of doing business.

With content reporting, your organization can begin to truly understand what it knows. The reports generated will help you make decisions that ultimately lead to increased competitiveness, optimized business processes, and simplified information access, retrieval and analysis. Above all, content reporting deliver on the idea of transforming raw information into meaningful intelligence.

Content Reporting Products

The Content Reporting component is delivered by the following product:

  • OpenText Business Intelligence provides enterprise-strength query and reporting functionality, fulfilling the needs of all users in the organization.