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Digitalization changes everything. The way we think, who we compete against, how we innovate, how we experiment, the customer journey, our supply chains, the workplace, our pace and cadence. It has shattered entire industries, displaced market leaders, introduced new business models—radically changing consumers, corporate cultures, and mindsets.

The importance of this topic, ON DIGITAL, cannot be overlooked. With a tenure of 30 years in the industry (from startup developer in a garage in Silicon Valley to Results-Oriented CEO of the year in 2015), Mark Barrenechea has experienced first-hand the incredible potential of Digital. In his latest book, he shares his vision of the digital world.

Read ON DIGITAL and discover:

  • The importance of hyperscale
  • Millennials as the new barbarians at the gate
  • Digital is your Sherpa on the customer journey
  • How the supply chain is a network, not a chain
  • The new asset class: data
  • The new digital foundation

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