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Social Business

Social media from the consumer world is driving profound change in the business world. It’s changing the way employees engage with each other and with customers, supporting collaboration and knowledge sharing that crosses boundaries and enabling organizations to become more productive and innovative. “Social business” is one way to describe this new environment, which replaces static intranet or extranet sites with social communities and collaborative team sites, supplanting linear processes with spontaneous innovation.

  • Add social capabilities and applications to your current business processes in a safe and compliant way
  • Cultivate a collaborative culture that fuels productivity and innovation by bringing people and ideas together in online communities that can extend beyond the enterprise
  • Tap into your company’s collective knowledge, locate experts and expertise, and automatically record lessons learned for future projects
  • Enable online conversations between your user and your customers – whether in a B2B, B2E or B2C environment
  • Measure the impact of your marketing and social media efforts and use that feedback to readjust strategy and processes

Collaborative Business Culture

Share - to support purpose-driven collaboration. Augment work processes and applications with social capabilities such as blogs, microblogging and status updates. Support spontaneous collaboration. Improve the organization’s ability to locate and engage with corporate knowledge. Help teams focus with a sense of purpose, work efficiently and connect with relevant resources and expertise throughout the organization.

Connected Social Marketplace and Workplace

Engage - to fuel conversations and connections. Enable users in the enterprise to connect not only with each other, but to customers in the marketplace and partners in the supply chain. Gain insight into customer and user preferences. Create a feedback loop that provides quantitative and qualitative information that you can use to improve the way you do business.

Secure and Measurable Enterprise

Measure - to improve business effectiveness. Weave social capabilities into your existing work processes and applications. Use blogs, microblogging, status and content updates to build social capital and bring content to life. Balance the risks and reward of social media by managing new social applications and information within a compliance-driven environment.