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Online Marketing

Your website is your number one vehicle for differentiation. It can help your company separate itself from irrelevant information and other distractions by creating exceptional customer experiences. With online marketing, you can use your website to build meaningful relationships with your customers and establish personal, online narratives that enhance your customers' online experiences to deepen relationships and elevate your brand loyalty.

Responsive Marketing

Create a consistent brand experience across devices, browsers, and desktops. Give your customers the best quality browsing experience. Optimize your site to provide a great experience any time, from any place. Deliver experiences that capture both internal and external audiences with simplified, responsive interfaces that make content contribution and consumption easy.

Create Compelling Experiences

Connect with high-value audiences. Deliver contextualized, relevant, and rich media dynamically to audiences and systems on-demand. Granular level segmentation and targeting capabilities help to ensure that your content is insightful, thoughtful, and always compelling. Incorporate device-specific features like geo-location and access to contextual, localized content to optimize experience. Leverage the latest in semantic technology to increase relevancy and recommendations. Keep social conversations fluid and interactive. Go beyond improved customer satisfaction and establish customer commitments.

Maximize Experience through Omni-Presence

Draw prospective customers to your site through multi-channel and social marketing. Integrate with enterprise systems to allow for a 360 degree view of your customers. Preview web pages by language, device (output format), profiles, or by how they would appear on popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, regardless of device or location. Ensure relevance to global visitors using native multilingual management, translation services and engines, and translation dashboards.

Analytics and Measurement for ROMI

Leverage closed-loop marketing to discover what's working and improve what's not. Measure and increase the effectiveness of your marketing message through social networks, mobile devices, and web-based widgets. Increase your ROMI as you tailor your message and delivery based on customer preferences and how they're interacting with your brand across channels. Use analytics and sentiment analysis to gather insight that can be used to create contextual and potential customer conversations. Tailor your content and sites for search engines and relevant search results. Listen to your customers and understand what they're doing and saying, and adapt and refine your online marketing initiatives to be compelling and responsive.