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What Comes After ECM?

The explosion of information and content from social media and mobile computing has created more content than we’ve ever seen before. Managing this content as both an increasingly valuable business asset as well as a source of cost and risk is an obstacle many organizations are now facing.

“This information chaos—this management of the volume, the variety, and the velocity of all this information and content—is essentially the business challenge for the next decade.”

John Mancini, President and CEO, AIIM

What are the key indicators that ours is an industry in transition? What must organizations do to survive and thrive in this disruptive and transitional period?

View the webinar on demand, What Comes After ECM?, to hear from John Mancini, AIIM president and CEO, and Lubor Ptacek, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, at OpenText.

You’ll learn how to meet these challenges:

  • Volume: Manual processes will never scale. How do you automate and standardize content-intensive activities?
  • Velocity: Simplicity now provides the pre-eminent value. How do you meet expectations of the tech-savvy and demanding knowledge worker?
  • Variety: How do you engage customers and extract value/insight from more exotic content like social conversations?

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This webinar is pre-approved for one AIIM Certified Information Professional (CIP) Certification Maintenance Program credit.

Featured Speakers:

Lubor Ptacek,VP Strategic Marketing

John Mancini, President and CEO

View the webinar on demand: What Comes After ECM?

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