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The Identity of Things Explained

IDoT assigns unique identifiers and metadata to things, devices and objects

IoT is peaking and data indicates that device connectivity is on the rise. Estimates suggest there will be more than 75 billion devices connected to the internet by 20251. That represents 10 Internet of Things (IoT) devices for every human on earth.

Get the Identity of Things Explained guide to learn about the identity problem with IoT and how a strong IDoT foundation identifies and manages IoT connections to solve it.

The Identity of Things (IDoT) extends traditional identity and access management (IAM) for the internet era. It identifies all IoT infrastructure components to ensure secure connectivity and data trust from IoT devices.

The guide introduces IDoT and reveals how to add identity to IoT with chapters on:

  • The core capabilities of an identity-driven IoT platform
  • The Top 10 tips to consider when deploy identity management in IoT
  • Selecting the right provider for IDoT

Get the guide today.

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Identity of Things Explained

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