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What are the must-know endpoint security trends and challenges in 2020?

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SANS survey reveals the most effective endpoint protection tools and EDR for data breach

Cybersecurity attacks often start at endpoints, such as workstations or mobile devices then pivot to critical data sources on servers. The recently published 2019 SANS Survey on Next-Generation Endpoint Risks and Protections shows 28 percent of respondents confirmed that attackers had gained accessed through enterprise endpoints. Learn why endpoint detection and response are needed.

Download the report to learn:

  • What security applications are used on endpoint devices and their effectiveness
  • What are the common challenges when centrally managing a variety of endpoints connected to a corporate network
  • What endpoint concerns should be covered by security programs and solutions
  • The most effective next-generation endpoint control capabilities
  • Why increased visibility to identify compromised assets and a focus on continuous improvement by using centralized data analytics tools are essential 

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