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Jump start your digital transformation with automated business processes

Accelerate Your Business with OpenText Business Center for SAP®

Leading corporations are focused on transforming their businesses through simplified, digital processing. To accelerate this journey, it is critical to fully optimize and automate business processes.

SAP customers have an opportunity to jump start their digital transformations—and see immediate benefits—by taking an automated approach to their business processes. OpenText Business Center for SAP Solutions® is a new platform that transforms a variety of processes supported by SAP software. The solution empowers customers to simplify data entry and validation; digitize incoming documents including paper, email, PDFs and fax; and speed workflow by an estimated 5 to 10 times.

Watch the webinar on demand, How to Automate Sales Order Processing and Succeed in a Digital World. You’ll learn how to:

  • Reduce implementation time with new self-adaptive capturing capabilities
  • Speed sales-order processing cycles with automation
  • Gain full process insight at any time

Speed Up Deployment with OpenText Solution Accelerators

OpenText Business Center features preconfigured solution accelerators for many manually supported business processes running in SAP software. The solution accelerators in Business Center facilitate rapid time to market by augmenting and automating mission-critical business processes across SAP Business Suite software.

Watch the Webinar on Demand
Automate Sales Order Processing and Succeed in a Digital World