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Change The Way You See Your Business

The data and analytics landscape is rapidly changing due to the amount of data that is created every single second of every single day. Research indicates there is an increasing demand for analyzing disparate data and enterprise businesses want to know how they can turn all their structured and unstructured data into better, faster, smarter decision making at all levels of their organization.

The Internet of Things
Blog post: How the IoT will Enable the Digital-First World

The newest front in the Information Revolution is the Internet of Things (IoT). The data generated by IoT breaks previous records in terms of size, speed, and complexity. OpenText Analytics provides a powerful platform to build high-scale, data-driven applications to reach and understand this data, sift out relevant information and support data-based decision-making across your organization.


Read the paper, The Information Revolution – What Are You Doing with Your Data?  to learn:

  • How to unlock new opportunities for your business with IoT
  • The challenges of IoT projects and how to overcome them
  • Our assessment process to successfully deploy an IoT analytics solution
  • How to calculate your Return on Investment (ROI)


The Information Revolution – What Are You Doing with Your Data?