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Achieving Process Efficiency in Weeks, Not Months

When your business requirements change, you need to be able to develop and deploy solutions quickly. OpenText has developed innovative new technologies that give organizations new levels of process speed and agility.

In our first webinar, “The New Era of BPM” we introduced you to the OpenText Process Suite and how it enables you to be innovative, agile, and have a strong competitive advantage that evolves with your needs. Now we’re doing a deeper dive in the webinar “Achieving Process Efficiency in Weeks, Not Months,” in which our BPM experts Nathan Pryor and Andrew Brummer take you inside our Process Component Library and Case Management components to show you how to build a broad set of Case Management and service delivery solutions much faster than with traditional BPM tools.

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View the replay to hear them discuss and demo the Process Component Library and learn how it can help you:

  • Assemble applications and utilize reusable components to achieve a faster time to deployment.
  • Utilize service delivery and case management best practices built into the Process Component Library.
  • Create an environment of process agility, where refinements and enhancements within the solutions can finally keep up with the needs of the business.


Featured Speakers:

Andrew Brummer
BPM Solution Strategist, OpenText
As a thought leader and quality driven advocate Mr. Brümmer is primed to assist in leveraging skills, team and capability to attain revenue relevant outcomes crossing people, technology and process. Mr. Brümmer has led dozens of programs across EMEA and the Americas. Mr. Brümmer is finely attuned to organizational nuances, needs, urgencies, people, organizational dynamics and capabilities.

Nathan Pryor
Process Expert, OpenText
Nathan has been working with customers for over 5 years, helping them to deploy and develop business processes via BPM-based solutions. Spanning many different business departments, within a range of market verticals, Nathan has assisted the customer journey in accelerating process deployment through the utilization of pre-built processes and components.

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Achieving Process Efficiency in Weeks, Not Months