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Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Creating Intelligent and Connected Enterprises

Pursue an integrated information management approach

Manufacturers worldwide are at the heart of a Digital transformation perfect storm, both living with and seeking to exploit, disruptive information technologies, such as cloud, big data and the Internet of Things (IoT). At the same time, these organizations are facing increasing IT security challenges, regulatory pressures and a changing workforce.

62% of manufacturing businesses are looking to digitally transform process optimization.


Digital disruption in manufacturing industries – interview with Northstar

In this digital economy, information and analytics are fueling every business process. Information is delivered across business processes, from supplier engagement, manufacturing, logistics, asset management, to HR, finance and sales and marketing, always as a part of a larger system of ecosystem applications.

Today’s organizations are rapidly embracing new technologies to transform their business models and operations to improve agility, customer engagement, profit and sustainable competitive advantage.

Download the IDC Digital Transformation in Manufacturing infobrief to get insight on:

  1. The state of digital transformation in manufacturing organizations
  2. Key elements to process improvement
  3. Integrated Information management approaches to improve productivity, completeness and customer experience
  4. Examples of Enterprise Information Management: The shop floor
  5. Applying a layered approach to information
  6. Leveraging multiple data sources with analytics
  7. Moving information from factories to the supply chain using Enterprise Information Management
  8. The underpinning for a unified information management strategy across all business units
  9. A Drill Down on IT/OT Integration
  10. Directions and guidance to enable smart manufacturing

Develop flexible and highly-scalable IT infrastructures with a centralized hub of digital information