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Intelligent and Connected Manufacturing Enterprise

Redefine the relationship between humans and machines

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Digital transformation is not a quick-fix solution within rigid manufacturing processes and resources, but a long-term commitment and imperative.1

Transform into an Intelligent and Connected Enterprise and unlock the power of information without compromising productivity and security with Enterprise Information Management (EIM). Over the next five years, digital disruption will displace 40 percent of established market leaders.2 Don’t be one of them.

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8 trends challenging the factory of the future

84% of manufacturing suppliers expect to be challenged by new competitors.5

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Streamline business process and enhance supplier connectivity

70% of companies are using B2B cloud networks across their supply chains.4

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Digital Transformation is a top priority

65% of businesses will adopt digital manufacturing by 2020. Will you?3

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Asset performance optimization with AI

Predictive maintenance can help manufacturers reduce machine downtime by 30% to 50%.6

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Heed the digital call to action

Discover how EIM can help transform operations and evolve supply chains to enable Intelligent and Connected Manufacturing Enterprises to succeed in the era of Industry 4.0.

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Download the eBook, Digital Manufacturing by Mark Barrenechea and Tom P Jenkins

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Manufacturing Innovation Stories

Gain valuable insights and get inspired from leading manufacturing organization's customer stories.

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