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GDPR webinar: Implications for the global life sciences industry

GDPR regulations for life sciences organizations

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the biggest boardroom issues of the moment. But, with only months left to prepare, a recent study discovered many businesses are not aware of the rules and fines associated with the GDPR.

All organizations, whether inside or outside of the EU, collecting, storing and processing personal data of EU citizens must fully comply with the GDPR by May 25, 2018. While the regulation will significantly impact organizations in all industry sectors, it represents unique compliance challenges for global life sciences organizations—in particular, pharmaceutical, CROs, healthcare and medical research companies that deal with genetic data, biometric data, patient consent or pseudonymized personal data. Failure to comply by the deadline could not only lead to heavy fines but can also impact a company’s customer relationships and brand image

Every department, industry and organizations must allocate budget, resources and identify solutions to help comply with the new regulations, while still gaining value from the information. Now is the time to see the GDPR as a business issue rather than a security issue.

Industry and compliance experts from OpenText™ and Pharmaceutical Executive magazine have prepared a recorded webinar to share ideas and explore:

  • Key Regulatory Concepts for GDPR
  • Potential issues, challenges and unique implications of data protection for the life sciences sector
  • Critical insights for implementing and maintaining compliance programs to mitigate risk
  • 10 steps organizations can take now on the path to compliance
  • Leveraging the GDPR as a competitive advantage


Jaleel Shujath

Janet de Guzman

Jaleel Shujath
Director, life sciences strategy
Janet de Guzman
Director, compliance



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