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OpenText Life Sciences Express

Access information - anywhere, anytime, on any device

43% of people spend 1-2 hours working “on the go” each day1

Remove the obstacles:

  • Cumbersome interfaces
  • VPN security requirements
  • Compliance risks

In Life Sciences, improving efficiency is critical. Executives, internal employees and partners need to complete tasks quickly. But obstacles, including cumbersome interfaces, VPN security requirements and compliance risks created by working outside the system, get in the way. Users shouldn’t be stymied by inconvenient login procedures or poorly designed interfaces that make it hard to access information or complete simple tasks.

OpenText Life Sciences Express provides an intuitive, tailored user experience to easily manage information and tasks anywhere, anytime, on any device, without training and without compromising security and compliance. An extension to OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences, Life Sciences Express is deployed on the OT2 platform to provide seamless access for employees and partners via the desktop, tablet or phone.

Tailored to both a user’s role and business function

Intuitive experience that requires minimal training

Cloud-based for ease of access with compliance

Fully supported on all devices — laptop, tablet or mobile

Learn how OpenText Documentum for Life Sciences users can easily manage content and tasks anywhere, anytime, on any device, without compromising security or compliance.
See how Life Sciences executives, workforce and partners can access their most important information on-the-go, while staying secure and compliant.

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