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OpenText was proud to be a part of Legalweek 2022

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For legal teams, quick investigations and efficient eDiscovery is crucial.

At Legalweek 2022, OpenText™ led the conversation on next-generation legal information management and shared solutions on how to keep legal data safe, speed end-to-end e-Discovery while reducing costs. Connect with an OpenText legal tech expert to learn more.

Learn more about OpenText legal technology solutions and services including:

  • Axcelerate™ and insight for end-to-end eDiscovery
  • Axcelerate™ Investigation for precise ECA and investigations
  • Legal Hold for efficient hold notification
  • eDOCs for secure legal management
  • Decisiv for next-generation AI-driven enterprise search

Simplify the legal tech landscape for your organization with the help of an OpenText legal tech expert.

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