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Optimize your supply chain automation to improve business performance

Increase supply chain efficiency

The information flow of an organization’s supply chain network can have a significant impact on business performance. Hindered communication and transactions can result in late payments, missed deliveries, unhappy suppliers and disgruntled customers and disaster for the organization.

Automating trading partner interactions between the organization, suppliers and buyers can streamline supply chain operations while increasing visibility. Whether organizations are looking to simplify supplier integration and collaboration with procure-to-pay, optimize their inventory levels with logistics track-and-trace or leveraging e-Invoicing to reduce errors and contain costs, automation is essential to boosting supply-chain efficiency. And a more efficient supply chain can lead to reduced costs, greater agility and revenue growth.

Watch, Think Outside ... for Complete Supply Chain Automation, with IDG Director of Content Marketing Strategy Rob O'Regan and OpenText™ Director of Product Marketing Greg Horton to hear the advantages of automating supply chain networks. The webinar will explore how automation can help organizations derive more value from their supply chain.
Supply Chain Automation

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Think Outside …for Complete Supply Chain Automation

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