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Secure the digital supply chain’s people, systems and things with IAM

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In a recent IDG report, 50 percent of surveyed IT and security professionals say they rely heavily on outsiders to run their business.1 And, while this digital data interdependence drives innovation, it also causes identity and access management (IAM) complexities. If left unchecked, these complexities can pose cybersecurity risks to the supply chain’s people, systems and things.

Defend the digital supply chain against cybersecurity threats

Use IAM to stop security threats hiding in plain sight. Read the new IDG report, External Digital Data: Essential for Business, a Challenge to Safeguard and learn why:

  • An outside/in approach that ensures an assigned digital identity for every user is the most effective to securing digital ecosystems and information exchange.
  • The most common access management strategies put enterprises at risk of a data breach.
  • 44 percent of surveyed respondents say they are only "somewhat confident" and 4 percent are "not very confident" in their IAM abilities.2

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External Digital Data: Essential for Business, a Challenge to Safeguard


Don’t tempt fate—Guard digital ecosystems with IAM

According to IDG, only 18 percent of surveyed organizations report that integration and access management authorization is centrally managed with a single solution.3

  • 70%

    of large enterprises have serious concerns about the security of data accessed by external partners.4

  • Nearly 59%

    of surveyed IT professionals say it is “extremely” (22%) or “very challenging” (37%) for their organizations to keep track of multiple identities of external workers accessing data and services.5

Avoid the disastrous ripple effect of a security breach

Don’t let one access blunder wreak havoc on supply chain management and business operations. Learn why an outside/in approach to digital ecosystem management is the most effective shield against supply chain and cybersecurity threats.
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