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Face information security threats head on

Protect data—beyond the perimeter—with data loss prevention solutions

How do you identify your company’s most sensitive information? Do you know where all that information resides? To prevent a data breach, capitalize on insight and remain compliant, you need answers to these basic questions.

The cost of each lost or stolen record that containing sensitive data is estimated at $141 US.1 When multiplied by thousands or even millions of compromised records—not to mention non-compliance penalties and reputational damage—the costs could seriously harm your business and your brand.

Get the white paper, Protecting Your Sensitive Data Beyond the Perimeter, to learn:

  • The flaws of using data loss prevention as a standalone solution
  • 5 ways analytics complements data loss prevention programs to effectively secure your sensitive data
  • The benefits of deploying a data-centric security model

Get peace of mind knowing you’re not leaving any gaps in securing and managing your sensitive data. Read the white paper today.


  • 1 Ponemon Institute, "2017 Cost of a Data Breach Study," June 2017.
Protecting Your Sensitive Data Beyond the Perimeter

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Learn the key benefits of deploying a data-centric security model.

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