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Data discovery and analysis is key to GDPR compliance

Get a clear picture of your data

Estimates suggest that up to 60% of organizations don’t know where their clients' personal data is located.1

Data discovery is a pressing and important activity in GDPR compliance, requiring enterprise-class technology to achieve effective data identification. Data discovery solutions feature advanced capabilities to dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of crawling through data stores.

Even with the right solutions to locate data, navigating through that data can be a daunting process.

Plan to meet GDPR compliance – today and tomorrow

Engage with OpenText Professional Services consultants who will help conduct a data discovery and analysis exercise that can save precious time and resources. The team will:

  • Identify high-risk content in the file shares and email based on assigned business values and supply a prioritized list for GDPR action.
  • Assess the organization’s GDPR risk profile using the GDPR Maturity Model.
  • Provide valid samples of, and metrics about, direct and indirect personal information identifiers you may be storing in non-compliant data stores—helping substantiate the need for resource support to implement risk mitigation action plans.
  • Create a plan to mitigate GDPR risk and move the GDPR Maturity Model position forward.

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You’ll also receive the eBook: Data Discovery: the first step to GDPR compliance, to optimize the discovery process and your GDPR action plan.


1Raywood, Dan. Infosecurity Magazine. GDPR - Companies Unprepared, Don't Know Where Data Is. May 24, 2017.

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You'll also receive the eBook Data Discovery: the first step to GDPR compliance.