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Digital inclusivity—it’s the law and it’s good business

Provide accessible content for all

Did you know that approximately one billion people worldwide have some form of a disability? 1 For these individuals—who make up the world’s largest minority—and for the world’s aging population, accessibility isn’t just a compliance requirement. It’s a means of survival.

Inclusion helps businesses reach more customers and improve corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Governments worldwide have passed legislations mandating online and document accessibility. Starting with the Public Sector, several industries such as Financial Services, Telecom and the Airline industry, are leading the way in digital inclusivity. All smart, customer and citizen-centric organizations realize the benefits of accessibility.

23.7million+ American adults have trouble seeing, or are unable to see
26.3million+ individuals in Europe are visually impaired
85% of private sector companies and 77% of public sector organizations said the positive impact of accessibility helped them establish a social vision
Inclusion helps reach more customers and improves corporate social responsibility

Read the white paper, The hidden world of PDF and output accessibility, and learn:

  • Typical document accessibility challenges for enterprises and the shortcomings of the two most common workarounds.
  • Four ways to make PDFs—the most common electronic document format for the web—more accessible.
  • Solutions for producing accessible, high-volume PDF documents that are usable by people with disabilities.

All people, regardless of their ability, deserve equal access to information. Empower customers while meeting compliance requirements. Read the white paper today.

Ensure compliance by providing accessible content

Numerous regulations across the globe mandate accessible content. These include the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 508, UN Enable, Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), Equality Act and others. Failure to comply with these regulations can result in litigation that not only hurt a company's bottom line, but also its brand. Why risk it?

The growth and reputation of a given enterprise depends on its standing as a good corporate citizen and its customer reach. Making information accessible to people of all abilities helps companies achieve both goals.

The hidden world of PDF and output accessibility

Read the white paper, The hidden world of PDF and output accessibility

Discover how enterprises with high-volume customer communications and ad hoc document requirements can provide equal and comparable access to all digital content.

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