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Learn the latest data governance and data privacy best practices

IG snapshots: Real-World Insights from Practitioners in the Trenches

Research shows 74% of firms are reporting a need to increase in their focus on managing regulatory risk over the next 12 months.1

Information governance and risk management leaders are drowning in data that must be captured, classified, securely archived and disposed of to avoid regulatory and legal risks. A difficult task—especially amid mounting and ever-changing information regulations, security threats and rising data privacy concerns.

So, how are organizations managing the information onslaught and regulatory risk? And, what insights can enterprises gain from organizations that are winning in risk management and data governance?

Get the Information Governance Initiative special reportIG Snapshots: Real-World Insights from Practitioners in the Trenches

Real-world success stories are one of the best sources of tried-and-true data governance and document management insights. Information Governance Initiative (IGI) Snapshots deliver this with quick stories that highlight innovative solutions for information governance success based on IGI’s extensive research and interviews with practitioners in the field. Here’s a snapshot of each unique story, across industries and practitioners:

  • Data privacy

    Learn how a pharmaceutical attorney used information governance methods, such as file analysis and remediation, to manage GDPR compliance and improve risk management.

  • Information governance in the cloud

    Discover how an information governance leader for a global consulting firm used innovative approaches in document management and records management to govern the firm’s intellectual property.

  • Data governance and content analytics

    See how one organization used content analytics automation and machine learning to rapidly decipher massive volumes of M&A documents.

  • Extracting value from information

    Learn how a construction company project manager turned the rapid governance of unstructured information into a competitive advantage by ensuring construction projects were completed on time and on budget. .

  • Integrated governance

    See how a global healthcare senior attorney implemented a holistic information governance program to address information security, data privacy, records retention and value requirements, strengthening risk management and reducing costs.

Barclay Blair, IGI Founder & Executive Director, provides insight into information governance best practices.

The race toward information governance is intensifying—keep up

  • 7 projects, averaging $750,000 USD is the average number and cost of information governance initiatives for large enterprises.2
  • 90% decrease in the number of survey respondents that reported they had never undertaken an information governance initiative.3
  • 43% of surveyed enterprises expect the size of their compliance teams to grow.4

Get proven information governance best practices for today’s real-world challenges

More than 16 million USD is the cost of GDPR non-compliance.5 The average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million USD.6 No enterprise can afford these potential consequences of information mismanagement. Why risk it? Protect and harness data with effective governance.

Get the IG Snapshots special report: Real-World Insights from Practitioners in the Trenches

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