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The future of paperless fax solutions in healthcare

Secure patient medical information in the cloud

Download the IDG QuickPulse report

Nearly half of patient medical information is still transmitted by paper-based fax, according to an IDG QuickPulse report on paperless fax software and technology. But there are disadvantages to paper-based patient record management including clinical inefficiencies, labor-intensive processes, limited access to medical information about patients at the point of care and slow care coordination between providers. The future is a paperless healthcare system.

Download the IDG QuickPulse report

The Future of Fax in Healthcare Is Paperless

This report highlights research from a survey that reveals fax is at a crossroad where more than two-thirds of respondents say they believe paper fax technology should be phased out, but only 4 percent say all faxing should be eliminated. Learn why digital fax plays a vital role in the secure exchange of patient medical information and what is the future of fax in healthcare.

Analyst Brief: The Future of Fax in Healthcare is Paperless