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The Information Advantage gives every company a chance to save the planet

Banks can be green and disruptive through digital technology

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Digital transformation in banking delivers new customer services and enhances the customer experience, but also provides environmental benefits. RBC Royal Bank of Canada, for example, promotes the greener aspects of digitizing, citing that eStatements save 15,000 trees each year and a grand total of 440 million pieces of paper so far.1

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Gaining a Competitive Edge During Digital Disruption

Customer experience for a new generation of consumers includes embracing and expecting paperless banking more than ever.2

While most banking and credit-union leaders recognize the potential benefits of digital banking technologies, only 17 percent surveyed say their organization’s digital transformation has been deployed, at scale.3

Get the Digital Banking Report, Gaining a Competitive Edge During Digital Disruption, to learn how financial institutions can accelerate digital transformation and why it provides a foundation for meeting customer experiences, including going paperless, and future success. The report reveals how digital technologies, including analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, provide the means to streamline processes, drive revenue and achieve cost savings.

Digital Banking Report: Gaining a Competitive Edge During Digital Disruption