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AI in customer experience improves loyalty and retention

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Are you listening to the voice of customer (VoC) and gaining customer insights?

30 percent

of customers will leave a brand and never come
back because of a bad experience.1

Customer experience transformation happens by tapping into customer data and extracting knowledge about what customers talk about, their behavior and experiences with brands. This insight also helps a company assess its abilities to better serve and support customers.

Get the recently published IDC Industry Brief and learn why artificial intelligence and analytics help businesses gain deeper and contextual understanding of customers and support efforts to create personalized and tailored experiences that drive brand loyalty and retention. Also learn about:

  • Customer experience trends and challenges
  • Revealing insights about sentiment, products, customers and citizens with AI-powered voice of the customer (VoC) technology from OpenText™ Magellan™
  • Three use cases that demonstrate how VoC increased product adoption, created higher customer engagement and retention, and improved civic engagement

1 Transforming the Customer Experience with AI, IDC, February 2020