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Facing compliance hurdles? Cut through the chaos with Information Governance

It’s no secret that regulatory compliance mandates are increasing worldwide—and the financial services industry has seen some of the biggest impacts. According to a recent Deloitte survey of financial services institutions, 65% reported an increase in their costs of regulatory compliance.

The costs of noncompliance have also increased, with growing fines, rising business risks, and more reputational damage all on the line. How can your organization reduce the risks and costs associated with your corporate information, while still leveraging its business value?

Information Governance makes it easy for your organization to effectively use and manage all your enterprise assets. With a sound Information Governance strategy and the right Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions in place, you can turn content into meaningful information that can help optimize your business.

OpenText’s Information Governance approach gives financial services organizations:

  • A single solution for managing information throughout its lifecycle and achieving a sound Information Governance strategy
  • Increased efficiency and reduced costs
  • Improved compliance and risk reduction

Learn how Information Governance can help your organization by downloading the Information Governance is Good Business white paper.

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Information Governance is Good Business