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OpenText RightFax and cloud fax solutions for enterprises

Fax is a trusted, secure, legally binding and vital business tool. But, with disjointed manual processes and sluggish document transmission, traditional fax simply can’t meet the needs of digital business enterprises and has become outdated.

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Learn how market-leading OpenText RightFax faxing solutions provide a digital platform with enhanced security features, archiving options and a full audit trail that ensures content stays secure.

OpenText RightFax solutions:

  • Improve employee productivity and efficiency with information exchange support across multiple applications and environments
  • Maintain compliance with enhanced encryption and restricted access to fax transmissions
  • Offer flexible and reliable options, including on-premises faxing solutions managed in house or hybrid cloud fax environments

Transform the way document exchange is securely managed today. OpenText enterprise fax options include:

OpenText RightFax

An on-premises, centralized fax server solution that provides a foundation for secure faxing capabilities.

OpenText Fax2Mail

A cloud-based service for sending and receiving faxes as electronic messages directly from existing email accounts.

OpenText RightFax Connect

A secure, scalable, hybrid faxing solution with proven, effective and supported RightFax server cloud-based communications.

OpenText RightFax Managed Services

An enterprise-grade fax server solution for centralized, secure faxing managed by the experts at OpenText.

OpenText digital fax solutions are the first stop on the road to digital transformation.

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