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Enabling the Digital World – Unleashing the Power of Information

An influential report, "Delivering the benefits of digital health care"1, published by The Nuffield Trust (February 2016) is clear that healthcare organisations must invest in Analytics.

More than ever, there is a crucial need to have accurate up-to-date information to manage and proactively plan the provision of healthcare. For fully informed decision making and evidence based decisions it is critical that users have access to all the relevant information. OpenText Analytics and Reporting solutions integrate advanced reporting, analytics and data visualisation technology drawing data from across the entire organisation and beyond, regardless of the platform it is sitting on.

Spanning all these data sources simultaneously provides a very rich set of capabilities to end users to design their own Dashboards and enables meaningful Predictive Analytics by having such comprehensive information in one place.

The integrated OpenText Analytics and Reporting suite of solutions provides the opportunity to optimise, consolidate and retire existing tools, infrastructure, operational costs and processes.

Health and Justice in NHS England is responsible for commissioning healthcare such as medical services, dental care, mental health service and nursing to patients detained in prisons and other prescribed accommodation across England.

By using OpenText Analytics, NHS England is able to collect and analyse data from multiple sources on one platform. Data from individual prisons, including immunizations and vaccinations, substance abuse treatments and waiting times are uploaded on the system, providing NHS England with the necessary information to more effectively commission and monitor services that reflect the needs of patients, and improve reporting of key performance indicators back to the Department of Health.




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