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Drive customer loyalty with personalized, multi-channel communications

Organizations need to create experiences that drive increased interaction, brand loyalty and revenue growth. Strong customer engagement strategies can be a key differentiator in creating brand loyalty.

4-8% is the above the market revenue growth for companies that excel at customer experience. footnote 1
90% of senior executives said that customer experience was one of the CEO's top 3 priorities. footnote 2

Read Design communications for superior digital experience to learn how to effectively engage with your customers through personalized, multichannel communications. You will also explore:

  • 5 key strategies to design compelling customer communications.
  • 9 real-world challenges customer communications management (CCM) platforms address.
  • Tips to improve customer loyalty, lower costs and integrate systems, while boosting efficiency.
  • Strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of CCM solutions.

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1 Bain & Co, The five disciplines of customer experience leaders. 2015.
2 OpenText, Deliver the next generation of personalized, connected customer communications. 2017.

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Design communications for superior digital experiences