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Evolve Your RightFax Environment to Advance Your Business

Maximize Your RightFax Investment

In today’s digital world, information needs to move quickly and securely to ensure high productivity levels. Be it for faster claims processing, reduced turnaround times, improved decision making or a number of other business imperatives, efficient information exchange is vital to your success.

You already know how essential faxing is to efficient information exchange, but did you know that you can enhance your OpenText RightFax environment to help meet additional business goals?

With secure, reliable faxing solutions, built on your existing foundation, your organization can:

  • Transform paper-based operations into digital processes, eliminating paper consumption, waste and expense
  • Automate information distribution and reduce manual labor
  • Make its workforce more productive
  • Protect fax data and enhance secure information exchange
  • Enable compliance with government and industry regulations

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