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Intelligent and Connected Energy Enterprise

Reap greater productivity, reduce cost and increase safety for the Oil and Gas and Utilities industry with digitization

Get business-critical insight to manage the flow of information, on-premises or in the cloud, through OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) solutions.

The company’s EIM products enable businesses to become Intelligent and Connected Energy Enterprises. The Energy industry solution help organizations-grow faster, achieve lower operational costs and reduce information governance and security risks by improving business insight, impact and process speed. Ready to talk to an expert?

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Digital Transformation for Oil and Gas

72% of Oil & Gas professionals will prioritize predictive analytics, intelligent automation, artificial intelligence, cloud, smart devices and IoT in their digital transformation projects.

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AI-powered analytics drive operational excellence for the Oil and Gas industry

Operational excellence can lead to a 29% rise in oil and gas production, a 43% cost reduction and savings of $30 billion over five years.

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4 Steps to Operational Excellence

71% of Oil and Gas professionals agree it is important to analyze content and structured data to present dashboards to operations managers.

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Sustainable and safer environment

Environmental benefits include reducing CO2-equivalent emissions by approximately 1,300 million tons, saving about 800 million gallons of water and avoiding oil spills equivalent to about 230,000 barrels of oil.

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Heed the digital call to action

Drive business growth and ensure cost effective management of asset operations and maintenance through Intelligent and Connected Energy Operations. Download Energy companies achieve operational excellence through digital transformation to gain the insight into operational productivity and business efficiency that will create competitive edge.

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