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Ensure SharePoint content is governed and compliant

Nearly half of all organizations use Microsoft® SharePoint® to create intranets and extranets for document sharing and collaboration. SharePoint excels as an easy- to-use portal interface, but it lacks robust document and records management capabilities. Over time, as SharePoint implementations multiply across the organization, content becomes difficult to manage and secure within these discrete "silos". SharePoint content left unmanaged and unintegrated can be difficult to find. Security and compliance becomes an issue. In addition, as projects are completed, information remains orphaned – ungoverned through to the end of its lifecycle.

OpenText™ eDOCS Integration for Microsoft SharePoint brings control to this situation and lets you work in familiar ways:

  • Maintain SharePoint as your primary user interface for sharing and collaboration
  • Capture SharePoint content into eDOCS DM to be managed and governed
  • Reduce risk, costs and versioning complexity
  • Synchronize content to ensure the latest version is both archived and published in SharePoint


  • Support for collaborative workspaces
  • Reduced governance and compliance risk
  • Interactive or automatic content archiving
  • Control over content lifecycle with OpenText™ Records Management, eDOCS Edition

Read the white paper “Bridging the Divide” to learn how your organization can manage and secure cloud content on premises with synchronization.

Read The White Paper

Bridging the Divide